About Us

My Little Explorer® is aimed at children between 1 and 5 and teaches them about being safe and staying close without using threatening or scary tactics. My Little Explorer® is a children’s wristband which uses low energy Bluetooth technology to link to an app* on your smartphone.

iOS only

The Facts

Immediate notifications
Your phone will let you know immediately when your child leaves the ‘safe boundary’ through ring a tone, flashing and vibrating. It will override silent mode.
Security is the key
The wristband can only be paired with one app at any given time and will be secured by an encryption code. No one else can monitor your children's movements.
Proven technology
Bluetooth Low Energy technology is used in a number of high profile products and brands with a proven track record.
Highest Standards
My Little Explorer® is tested to the highest standards possible.
BPA free
Our BPA free material gives a gentle feel that fits securely without being easy to remove.
Child proof
My Little Explorer® is durable, waterproof and will stand the test of time.

Get your wrist band and the educational story book.

What people say about us

Sara Pritchard
When we recently visited a very busy play park, the band was a godsend, quite literally. It sparked several conversations with children and parents. They loved that it was about creating independence and also gave peace of mind to a parent who is on watch 24/7, as we all know it can be extremely hard to watch your child every minute of every day when out and about.
Anthony Peart
I love the concept of My Little Explorer and it appeals to me as a parent of a young child. Downloading and logging into the app was straight forward and it was simple to use. My son enjoyed the book and asked when he understood he said 'Yes, I must stay close to mummy and daddy'

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