Education, Child Safety and Peace of Mind

My Little Explorer® is a safety and education tool that teaches children to stay close and alerts your phone if they wander away.

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Ever Turned Around To Find Your Child Gone?

You’re not alone, 90% of parents have had this experience. Resulting in that moment of panic for you and your child.

My Little Explorer® is a wristband simply connects to an app on your phone and alerts you as soon as they wander away. It comes with a story book to inspire and educate children about their own safety and the concept that separation can occur.


Introduce the band and why it is important to stay close.
Use the band to introduce safe play for your child and peace of mind for you.
A layer of protection to allow you to enchance the quality time with your children
Multiple Bands
Connect up to eight wristbands to the app.
Call the Band
An audible alarm on the band helps you to find your child
Instant Alerts
Receive an alert with the profile of the child that has gone out of range for quick and simple identification.
Joanna Feeley
Trend Bible, MD
Although there are other tracking devices in the kids market, it is refreshing to see a device that has the child at the heart of the concept. Blending education, fun and storytelling as components to engage the child sets My Little Explorer® apart and ensures the notion of safety is communicated to the child in an age-appropriate way.
Jamie Leigh Kettle
This product gave me the confidence to allow my children, for the first time, to play outdoors when we are at home and when we are away. I am highly safety conscious because of Thomas's autism. The kids love the book and are a lot happier because they have been given their independence.
Ami Davies
In celebration of responsible parenting, and recognition of the stigma associated with tracking and reins, I have developed My Little Explorer®. We keep the child at the heart of the experience, coupling story time with a wander alert. To create age appropriate freedom to your child and peace of mind for you safety.
Joanna Stubbs
We used to use a carrier and sometimes use reins which he hated but now the book has now taught him the concept of danger and the band has given us and him the confidence to safely explore. Just like every 4 year old should.